Urban Decay’s New Brow Launch! Everything You Need to Know to Pick Your Perfect Brow Product

When TrendMood broke the news back in the beginning of January that Urban Decay was planning a new Street Style Brow Collection, I immediately screenshot the campaign images and marked my calendar!  What got me excited about this launch was the innovative ideas–we are not just getting another brow pomade or pencil!  FINALLY!  They have created simple, easy to use products for ANY brow goal you have.

I was actually able to snag 3 of the 4 products before they fully launched, so I have been testing these out and loving the results.  I have all of my products in the shade “Brown Sugar”.



First up, the most talked about product on YouTube and by beauty influencers–the Brow Blade.  This product is dual-ended with one side as a traditional pencil and the other containing a felt tip ink pen.  Urban Decay suggests that you shape and begin to fill your brows with the pencil side, and then use the pen side to create hair-like strokes and add dimension.  I have heard several people say that this product gives them a “microbladed” eyebrow look, and I completely agree.  The pencil is very similar to other pencil products, but where this shines is in the pen.  I have never used anything like it.  This product is perfect for someone who has a lot of filling in to do–meaning you need to “create” a brow shape and have several spots you like to fill in with color.  I love the look of a pencil in the brow, but I never realized how much actual hair-like strokes can enhance the overall look.

Good For: Sparse brows that need a good amount of filling in and shaping

Achievable Brow Look: Structured, microbladed, semi-dramatic to dramatic

Brow Blade $26



The Double Down Brow is a powder duo that has a putty texture when you first feel it, but transforms into a powder upon application.  I like that it comes with two colors to do an ombre brow, and I do think the spoolie and brush combo being included is a nice touch.  I don’t think this is a game-changing powder because we have seen this before, but I do love the consistency.  Usually I prefer a powder with a little shimmer in it to give my brows a more natural and dimensional look (sounds crazy, but trust me it makes a big difference), but I have been really enjoying using the lighter shade in the front of my brow and the darker shade towards my tail for a more gradient look.  If you are in the market for a brow powder, I think this is a great deal to get two shades and a brush!  Plus, the formula is waterproof–so it won’t budge all day!

Good For: Brows with a decent shape to them, but just need some filling in

Achievable Brow Look: Natural, soft, and full

Double Down Brow $29



Brow Endowed is my favorite product from the new collection!  While I love a full glam and it’s my favorite thing to do on other people, for my own personal day to day I usually wear a very little amount of makeup and I like to get ready quickly.  This is why I always gravitate towards and love brow gels!  I have tried several–Sephora CollectionAnastasia Beverly HillsBenefit, and more–and I think I can officially say that this new one has taken the spot as number one for me.  What makes this special to me is specifically the primer end.  This primer is no joke!  You can see it making your hairs thicker and more voluminous as you brush it through, and no other brow gel I have tried does that.  Then, after the primer has fully been run through the hairs, you use the other end to disperse the color on top.  The color also sets the brows in place, so then you are good to go!  I also love that the color can quickly fill in any little sections that I wish had more hair.

Good For: Quick, out the door brows!  Brows that are pretty full already, just need taming and a little color

Achievable Brow Look: Fluffy, voluminous, feathery, natural

Brow Endowed $28


If you’re looking to pick up a product from this collection, I truly think you can’t go wrong with any of them.  My advice is to think about what brow look you are going for, and then you will know which product can get you there.  All of these products are easy to use and make getting ready a breeze.  For most people, brows are the most daunting and time consuming part of their routine, but they don’t have to be!  The right products make all the difference.  I hope that we see more innovative and revolutionary makeup releases in 2019!



My First Makeup Artist Trade Show

September has been a month filled with so many amazing experiences and memories!  One of the things I am still so happy I was able to do was go to my very first makeup artist trade show– The Makeup Show Orlando.  This day was a bit surreal for me, because I was walking into an event where you had to show professional credentials at the door–I actually have professional makeup credentials (yay!).  Just a year ago I was debating back and forth on if I should try to work as a makeup artist, and now here I am going to an event where everyone was asking me about my makeup career!  It felt amazing just to be able to go to something like this.

This event travels to other cities (Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, New York) and it’s a chance for makeup lovers to come together, check out new products, get professional discounts, and partake in seminars provided by people in the industry that we look up to.  Basically, I felt like I was in heaven!  There are makeup tables as far as the eye can see, and everyone is swatching, playing with new products, and literally just talking about makeup the entire day.  In between all of the browsing, I was able to listen to two keynotes.  The first one I went to was given by Kevin James Bennett, an emmy-winning makeup artist who has worked in the same realm of TV & Film that I am currently trying to further myself in.  While I will say that Kevin’s name is brought up in a lot of drama with beauty influencers on YouTube (which I am not a fan of), he is a talented makeup artist, and I was really interested in his “Makeup Kit Breakdown ” lecture.  I learned so much and I really enjoy seeing what other artists feel are necessities to bring on set.  You always learn tips and tricks and what products they love.

Next, I got to see Danessa Myricks apply makeup to a model live!  If you’ve ever seen her work, you know it is an actual masterpiece and a true work of art.  It is no different in person!  Even under a time crunch, she was able to create a beautiful combination of texture, shading, and glow.  She has done makeup on Madonna, Britney Spears, Ciara, Chris Brown, and more, so getting to see her in action was incredible.

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 6.06.28 PM.png
The look created by Danessa Myricks at the Makeup Show Orlando

I also wanted to share the products that I picked up while attending the Makeup Show!  While there were so many amazing products and brands, a lot of which were new to me, I bought just a few things that I wanted to add to my kit and personal collection.




I picked up some liquid latex from Alcone because #1, I can never have enough for FX and #2, I was so happy that this one is clear!  I have a lot of “flesh” tone, but I have been wanting a clear latex for a while so I was happy to find this one.






I got 2 eyeshadow singles from Stilazzi for free from their booth.  I’m not too familiar with this brand, but I was really happy with the swatches of these shadows.  They will go perfectly in my Z Palette of fun colors!




I finally own Bioderma!  I have heard SO many people talk about this, and it was such a good price that I had to finally try it.  From what I hear, this stuff will remove any makeup and is perfect for sensitive skin.  You can even use it around your eyes for that stubborn waterproof makeup.





IMG_0883IMG_0886After seeing Danessa apply makeup and hearing her talk about the brand she created specifically with makeup artists in mind, I was so excited to check out her booth and see what products I could add to my kit.  These Vision Cream Cover Wands are about to be one of my favorite items I bring on set.  They aren’t called foundations or concealers, they are just this perfect hybrid of both that Danessa uses to sculpt, shape, and define the complexion.  They are extremely pigmented, and provide very full coverage.  The reason I am personally so excited about these is because she said they can be used for tattoo covering in seconds.  With one swipe of this little pen (that will barely take up room in my set bag) I can cover up the background talent’s tattoos!  This is a process that usually takes me around 5 minutes per person, and that time is about to be cut down to next to nothing, so excited!  I got 3 shades–a light (N2), medium (N4), and dark (N8)–because I felt like I could mix these together to create any shade I need on set, and also because I could play with these as perfect base, highlight, and contour shades.



I stopped by the Mehron table and picked up a Paradise Makeup AQ in the shade “Storm Cloud”.  This is a cake makeup, that is activated by water and provides a really great opaque color payoff.  I specifically got this for an upcoming film I am working on, and I can’t wait to test it!


Top: Smoldering Satin Bottom: Twig

I think that the Stila liquid eyeshadows are the best on the market.  The colors are amazing, they last all day, and they are so easy to work with and blend.  I was really excited to pick up one of the new products from them, the Shimmer and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow in the shade “Twig”.  The “Shimmer and Glow” line is different from their past “Glitter and Glow” products because these ones are now very opaque.  I swatched both of my Stila shadows for comparison, but you can see that the “Glitter and Glow” shadow on top is a little more transparent, can be used alone or as a topper, and it has a lot more shimmer to it.  The newer product is an intense all over color.  I am obsessed with using this all over the lid, buffed out to create a deep smokey eye that’s perfect for fall.








I have seen Melt Cosmetics online for a few years now, but I have never owned anything from this brand.  I have been blown away by the pigment when I see it used on YouTube tutorials, but it’s a pricey purchase for something that I could never swatch and see for myself.  When I finally was able to play with their products at the Makeup Show, and I was able to get a discount, I was sold!  I had a hard time deciding which stack to start with, but I decided to go with their newest product, the Baby Girl Stack.  First of all, how unique is this packaging!?  The pans are magnetic and can come together for one tall stack, and then can be laid out for use.  Worried about this not being very travel friendly?  Don,t worry, they sell magnetic palettes so that you can have these in a more traditional format as well.  Also, these pans of shadow are huge.  In a typical eyeshadow palette, you get somewhere around 0.75 grams per shadow.  In these pans, you get 2.96 grams per shade!  Most importantly, these shadows are extremely pigmented and blend like a dream.  You barely have to dip your brush in, and you get the full color payoff.  Overall, I love that I was able to try another new Indie brand of makeup that isn’t as “well known” and find something that I am happy to have in my collection!

My day at the Makeup Show Orlando was sooo fun!  I’m so happy that I was able to attend, meet new people, learn from other artists, and explore and play with makeup for an entire day!  If you ever get the change to go, I highly recommend it!

New Brand Alert– Alamar Cosmetics

With so many big, successful brands out there, it can be extremely daunting and challenging to take the leap and start your own.  I absolutely love to support new, up and coming brands, especially when they are run by incredible makeup artists who know the industry and pay attention to what we need.  I look up to brand owners like this in hopes that maybe one day I could be one too.

Alamar Cosmetics was founded by Gabriela Trujillo, a Miami based makeup artist.  Long before Gaby started Alamar, I knew her as a close friend to Kathleen Lights (one of my favorite YouTubers) and the makeup artist behind all of the KL Polish marketing campaigns.  Just scrolling through Gaby’s Instagram feed you will find gorgeous bridal makeup, Boxycharm tutorials, and tons of colorful and textured looks–all of which give inspiration to other artists!

When she announced that she was creating her own brand, I was so excited!  I knew I would support whatever she came out with, but then when she tied it so closely to her culture and what was important to her, I thought that was such a genuine and passionate thing to do.  Alamar means “stay close to the sea”, which roots her brand in the idea that she wants to always remain tied to her native Cuban culture.  So if you are interested in supporting another woman in the makeup industry who is working hard to make it, who shares her experiences of staying up late hand packing her shipment orders in her kitchen, who invested in herself and her future, check out Alamar Cosmetics.  As I am about to show you, you won’t be disappointed!


So far, Alamar has released an eyeshadow palette and a brush trio.  I own the palette–Reina Del Caribe Vol. 1, and I was honestly blown away the first time I swatched this.  First, the packaging is some of the cutest I have seen.  The tropical flowers and colors just make you instantly happy, I absolutely love the design and the size of the palette is perfect–not to bulky but not too tiny either.


The quality and pigmentation of these eyeshadows are insane.  I have eyeshadows in my collection that are considered “high end” or “luxury” that swatch the same as these.  What I love the most about this is that is isn’t something I have seen before.  We have all seen a “neutral warm tone” palette from literally every single brand.  Sometimes I feel like “new” releases of makeup are nothing completely “new” or innovative.  These colors are like nothing else that I own.  Sure, I have a dark brown like “cafecito”, but “el malecon”, “celia”, even “”tropico” are colors that are incredibly unique!  You have to include colors like “coco-taxi” and “cafecito” in order to create a palette that people can use for their entire eye look.  This palette is warm for fall, it’s summery, it really is a year-round gem.

I am extremely passionate about makeup.  It’s just something I love and I never get tired of it.  With that, I take a lot of time and do a ton of research into the products, brands, and influencers that I choose to follow and support.  That is why I really wanted to take the time to highlight a brand and its’ owner who I think deserves to thrive in an industry that can make it extremely difficult for any smaller company to survive.  I can’t wait to see what is coming next from Alamar!

Let me know if you have tried anything from this brand!

Pat McGrath Ultimate Lip Bundle

Like most makeup-lovers out there, I try to get as much makeup I can, for as little a price as possible.  So while I have wanted to try a coveted Pat McGrath lipstick for quite some time now, I could never bring myself to spend the $38 for just one.  But then, the trendsetting makeup queen released the PERFECT mini MatteTrance lipstick trio–giving us the chance to try not one, but three of her products for only $25!  The amazing part is that if I were to pick her top three colors I have wanted to try, these are it!  They are universally flattering, and can be paired with so many makeup looks.

From Top to Bottom: Flesh 3, 1995, Omi in natural daylight

This formula of lipstick is the creamiest, must buttery formula that I own.  It is matte, but it is not one bit drying.  The pigmentation is perfection, and it lasts for a pretty long time on the lips!


As with all of her other products, the packaging is amazing and so unique.  The black and gold is stunning, and even the way they send it to you with the gold sequins is beautiful!

Overall, this $25 purchase was SO worth it.  These have quickly become my new favorite lipsticks, especially the color “Flesh 3” for fall!  This trio has been going in and out of stock since its release, but keep your eye out on Sephora’s website and snag yours when you can!  Now that I know how good Pat McGrath’s products are, I hope that one day I can try her eyeshadows and see if they live up to the hype.

New Colourpop Launch Review & Swatches

I have said time and time again that Colourpop is one of my FAVORITE brands for so many reasons!  They combine affordability and quality and provide new and exciting products that I can’t help but love.  They recently announced a new collection called “Sol y Mar” which gives incredible summer vacation vibes as soon as you see it.  I was so inspired by the colors in the palettes, I ordered the two palettes and 1 lip color the day it was released.  If you are looking for products to help you create a fun and colorful spiced up look, then look no further!

IMG_0203 (1)


Top to bottom: New Digs, Anthem, Dynamite, Hotel, Motel, B+B, Floaties, Ooo, Unwind

First up is the Sol Palette!  This palette fulfills all of my orangey, peachy, warm toned dreams.  This palette screams summer time!  The thing I love about this palette is that there is not a color in here that I won’t use.  All of these shades are very wearable, and you can easily go from day-to-day to full glam with this!



Top to bottom: El Rey, Wild One, Detour, Boozy, Gridlock, Sorbet, HWY, Top Down, My Way

The Mar Palette gives me all of the mermaid beauty that I need.  The blues mixed with warm tones in this palette are so different and outside the box, it inspires me to create new and unique looks.  You also get incredible bronze/gold shades to create a more everyday look as well!  With this palette, you really get the best of both worlds.

The Ultra Blotted Lip in the shade Vitamin Sea is the perfect compliment to these eyeshadow palettes.  I love this formula because the blotted lip is meant to be a “wash” of color.  It’s perfect for summer when you don’t want a full liquid lip, but just a little “barely there” color.  It dries matte and stays ALL DAY long!  It’s a great warm, orangey mauve that looks good on so many skin tones.

The entire Sol y Mar collection contains two eyeshadow palettes, three ultra blotted lips, and four highlighters.  I chose to pick up the two palettes and one lip, and I am so glad that I did!  Each palette is $12 and the lip is $6, you just can’t beat that price!  That makes each eyeshadow $1.33–insane.  I think this is one of my favorite Colourpop collections so far, and I can’t wait to see what they come out with next!

Let me know what you think of this collection and what your favorite shades are!

KKW X Mario Collection

I have been SO EXCITED for this launch!!! My excitement stemmed from the fact that I follow and support Mario Dedivanovic because he is an extremely talented and inspiring makeup artist.  I have followed Mario’s work for years now, and he is constantly at the forefront of makeup trends, always trying new things and making us look at makeup in a whole new way.  Mario is most well-known for being Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist.  While you can have any opinion of Kim that you want, there is no denying that she has been a makeup icon for going on 10 years now.  The looks that Mario has created on Kim over the years have become the industry standard that everyone looks to duplicate.  Heard of contouring?  Probably because of Mario.  The huge nude lip trend?  Oh yeah, that was Mario and Kim.  Baking your undereye?  Once again, Mario.  I’m not saying that Mario “created” these techniques, as many of them originated in the Drag community, but he did hone his skills and show us how to use these techniques in our every day makeup routines.

Another reason that I look up to Mario as an artist is because he started just like any of us, and rose to success by taking chances.  He started working at Sephora–not even in the makeup department!!  He was in fragrances, but kept giving makeup advice until he was able to switch departments.  Now Mario is one of the biggest makeup artists in the world, giving Master Classes around the globe every year to thousands of people hoping to learn from him.  I will insert one of his recent posts on Instagram that I absolutely love.

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 3.22.35 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 3.22.27 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 3.20.58 PM

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 3.21.09 PM

It gives me goosebumps every time!!  That “swipe left to see how that turned out” shows 6 of Mario and Kim’s Vogue covers together.  Mario is an inspiration, and it just goes to show you that you HAVE to trust your gut.  If Mario would have listened to all of the people who told him that doing Kim’s makeup would ruin his career, just image how different things would be.  Sometimes, you have to do the “unpopular” thing if it feels right to you and just see where it takes you.  Especially in a creative industry such as this, there are no right or wrong answers.  Trends don’t start by doing the same makeup look over and over.  Try something new.  Get out of your comfort zone.  Follow your passion.  I hope that one day I get to attend a Master Class by Mario and see him work in person!  Now, let’s get into the collection and see what it’s all about!

IMG_4790 (1)

IMG_4795 (1)

This collection consists of one eyeshadow palette ($45), 2 lipglosses ($18 each), and 1 lipstick ($20).  The whole bundle together is priced at $85.  One of the reasons that I was so excited about the lip products they released is because Mario created them to be worn on ANY skin tone.  He created this entire collection with makeup artists in mind.  As someone who is trying to build their own kit and have something for everyone when I am on set or at a wedding, I was so excited to hear that with this collection, Mario said you could do anyone’s makeup and have it look amazing.  It is extremely difficult to have lip colors and eyeshadows that suit everyone, so this was amazing news!  And let me just say that I completely agree with Mario, these colors look good on so many people with so many different skin tones.

IMG_4797 (1)

My favorite part of this bundle is the eyeshadow palette!  These colors are SO creamy and pigmented, and I expected nothing less from Mario.  I honestly have used at least one shade from this palette every single day since I received it.  I am the most excited (like everyone else on social media) about the blue he created.  It is the most perfect royal blue I have ever used.  The very first look I created on myself with this palette was using the blue, and I was so happy with it!  Are the warm tones similar to other colors you may own?  Probably, but I would be willing to bet that the quality of these are better.  I have been so impressed with this palette, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a completely versatile, one stop eyeshadow palette.  Whether you are a beginner or not, you can do so many different looks with just this one palette.  Plus, I get SO excited when I see Mario take this on set to do photo shoots with celebrities like Ariana Grande and Bebe Rexha, I immediately try and recreate his looks!

IMG_4799 (1)
Top to Bottom: Juicy, Super Nude, Classic K

All of these lip products are extremely opaque and pigmented.  I have been wearing the “Classic K” lipstick a lot, because it really does go with everything.  My favorite gloss is “Juicy”, because it has just enough peachy-ness to it and it makes your lips look so glossy.  “Super nude” is a little too fair for me, but I love that I can have it in my kit and it looks great on other skin tones.  “Classic K” also pairs well with so many lip liners!  It takes me one swipe to completely cover my lips in color, and I love how creamy and non-drying it is.

Overall, this is my favorite new makeup collection that I have purchased this year (and probably ever, but we will see).  The collection sold out the first time in 12 minutes, so I was thrilled to be one of the lucky ones who was able to grab it!  I highly recommend this to anyone looking for something extremely versatile!  This can easily take you from day to night, from casual to glam, and everything in between.  I hope to see more from Mario in the future!  In 2008 Mario did Kim’s makeup for the first time, and now he has launched a collection with her on the SAME DAY 10 years later!!!  Dreams do come true.  Let me know what you thought of this collection!

Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips

Everyone wants to feel beautiful on their wedding day!  I wanted to share a few things that you can do to try and get yourself wedding-day ready and feeling your best for your big day!  These are all of the things that I am personally going to do leading up to my wedding.  Just remember that the truth is, even if you have a pesky pimple the day of or your hair just won’t cooperate, you still get to marry the love of your life and THAT is what it’s all about!


IMG_4823 (1) Mario Badescu AHA Body Soap

Price: $8

It’s all about the A.H.A’s!!!  Alpha Hydroxy Acids are known for their exfoliating abilities.  I will go more into detail about these later, but they are a true skincare game changer.  I LOVE this body soap from Mario Badescu because it really gets rid of any little bumps you may have on your arms or legs and brightens your overall complexion.  It also smells amazing!



IMG_4827 (1) Exuviance Peel

Price: $77

I picked this pack up during the Ulta 21 days of beauty for half off–I just couldn’t pass it up!  I wanted something stronger to add to my skincare regimen before the wedding, and with over 400 amazing reviews I knew I had to try this.

Once again, we have an AHA product.  The word “peel” might scare a lot of people, because who wants to actually peel!?  But most peels do not make your skin peel off.  They just exfoliate the top layer of your skin using chemicals instead of physical beads.  For myself, I notice a BIG difference using chemical exfoliators versus physical.  This box is a 6 week supply of 2 step pads that you swipe all over your face, neck, and I go over my arms too.  It is said to smooth texture, shrink pores, even skin tone, create brightness, and diminish wrinkles.  I have definitely noticed that my dark spots are lightening and my texture is pretty much gone!  So far I am really glad I have this!  It’s the perfect pre-wedding boost!

Son & Park Beauty Water  Price: $30

Ole Henrikson Invigorating Night Transformation Gel  Price: $48

OIe Henrikson Invigorating Night Transformation Cream  Price: $50

Surprise, more AHAs!  Honestly, when I was introduced to AHAs it changed my skin.  When I would try new products, the oiliness and texture would come right back, and I would get out my AHA gel, and my skin would go back to normal!  I have had so many estheticians recommend AHA products to me, so I finally decided to give it a try and I have been so happy with my skin ever since!  Everyone is different, but for me–I am no longer oily, I rarely breakout like I used to, my skin tone is finally becoming more even, my skin is brighter, and my makeup goes on so smooth.  Every single night I use these 3 products, and that’s it!  This is my holy grail combination!

I’ve said it once in a previous post (Sephora & Ulta Haul!) and I will say it again, this “water” is amazing and I don’t see myself ever being without it.  After I wash my face or use a makeup wipe, I put some of this on a cotton round and swipe it over my entire face and I get SO MUCH DIRT that I didn’t even see on my skin!  It’s amazing!  I really think that just properly cleaning my skin with this has led to my skin texture clearing up because my pores do not get as clogged.

Ole Henrikson makes my favorite skincare products.  I think the brand is a little underrated, because I haven’t tried a single thing that I did not like!  These two products from the invigorating night transformation line work together like a DREAM.  Yes, this is the old packaging, but that’s because I find these at TJ Maxx for about 1/3 of the price!!!  Even if I had to pay full price for these, I would do it in a heartbeat because they work for me so well.  You put the gel serum on first, and you will experience some tingling.  Wait for that to dry down, and follow with the cream!  Whenever I wake up my skin is noticeably brighter and any potential bumps I had coming up are either diminished or gone.  My fiancé has even made comments about my skin glowing!

For your daytime skincare, be sure to follow up with SPF!  AHA products can make you more sensitive to the sun, so be sure you are protecting yourself during the day!

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 10.16.56 AM.png

The slogan of the popular hydrafacial sounds like wedding-ready skin to me!  I have watched as so many of my favorite YouTubers receive hydrafacials before big events, and their skin is always glowing!  They rave about the results, and I have always wanted to try one.  The thing is that for a facial, they are very pricey.  But, what better time to splurge than for your wedding!?  I finally booked one for myself for a week before the wedding and I am soooo excited to see what it’s all about!  The website says it is for all skin types and will help with congested skin, fine lines, skin texture, vibrancy, elasticity, and pores.  They use what is called a “vortex” tool to suction everything out of your pores and leave your skin silky smooth.  At the end, they even show you your skin’s “waste”! (Ew, but cool?).  I can’t wait to share my results!  The average cost of a hydrafacial is around $150.

IMG_6549.JPG Lastly for skincare, I always recommend doing 1 sheet mask a week!  Not only do they benefit your skin, they are so relaxing!!!  I always look forward to sitting down with my face mask and some wine and just unwinding for 20 minutes!  I still suggest My Top 5 Sheet Masks because these are really the ones I use all of the time!  Depending on what your skin needs, these can offer hydration, clarity, brightness, you name it!

Other Beauty Tips

Teeth Whitening

IMG_4826 (1) Crest 3D Whitestrips Gentle

Price: $47

I want whiter teeth for the wedding, but my teeth are so sensitive!  Any time that I use the regular white strips, my teeth hurt for days.  I have found that using the gentle routine strips for just 10 minutes a day is perfect for me!  This pack has 28 treatments, so for the month before the wedding, it’s perfect to pop these on every night while you get ready for bed!


IMG_8888.JPG This is one of my absolute favorite pre-wedding “beauty” things to share.  I really love the idea of having a wedding day scent.  Smells have the ability to bring back memories and take you back to certain times in your life, and I wanted to choose a special perfume to do that for our wedding.  My plan is to only wear it on our anniversary so that it can remind us of our special day!  So, we went together to Neiman Marcus to start smelling perfumes and decide on the perfect one, and we ended up finding scents for both of us!  Everyone is very different when it comes to perfumes and colognes, so what smells good on my skin might smell totally different on the next person.  I ended up choosing the Armani Prive Pivione Suzhou which has a raspberry and rose scent.  For my fiancé, we picked the Armani Prive Vetiver D’Hiver which lists its fragrance notes as woodsy and raw.  What made this so special was that the woman who helped us at the counter was SO nice and told us that we could get a special wooden box to showcase our fragrances along with free engraving!  This is a pricey item for sure, but I am so happy that we have scents that we can wear on special occasions that will always remind us of our wedding.  This is the first item we had engraved with our joint last name, and I’m so happy we did this!  Also, she gave us an atomizer to fill with our fragrances so that we do not have to travel with these glass bottles!  So helpful!


IMG_4802 (1)  Don’t forget to pack your favorite pair of sunglasses!  For us with a destination wedding, this was a must.  When one of my favorite YouTubers, Desi Perkins, came out with her new Quay X Desi sunnies in white, I thought they were perfect!  I’m so excited to wear these on our wedding vacation!


Hair and Makeup

Don’t forget to plan out your hair and makeup for the big day!  Get on Pinterest and see what you are drawn to.  You will want to send pictures to your hairstylist and makeup artist before hand so they have a good idea of what you want.  Also, keep in mind what you want your hair to be like for the wedding.  Do you picture it long?  A different color?  Prepare accordingly and make appointments to help get your hair exactly how you want it before you go to your hair trials.

Nails and Eyebrows

Make your appointments ahead of time!  When my eyebrows are trimmed and cleaned up, it makes everything look so much better.  I get them threaded about once a month and I love it!  As for nails, going with something white will always look nice!  Just make sure you get the appointment close to your wedding day so that it all stays nice and perfect with no chips!


We don’t want to look pale next to our white wedding dress!  It’s controversial, but I personally think that tanning in a bed for a week is the best way to get a good solid base color and glow.  I have very rarely seen a spray tan that looks good, and even if parts of it look good, the hands ALWAYS get rubbed off and look splotchy.  I don’t want a picture of my holding my bouquet with patchy hands!  So plan accordingly and get a couple day pass to a tanning salon right before your wedding to get some healthy looking color!


Yes, “shedding for the wedding” is a popular thing and we all want to look our best.  Personally, I think it is more important to go to the gym before the wedding in order to help you manage your stress!  Exercising can be a huge part in stress relief, and with all of the planning, you will need something to help you unwind!  Go to the gym to be healthy both physically and mentally!


There you have it!  My beauty and wellness tips to help you get ready for the wedding!  Please let me know if there are any tips that helped you get ready for your wedding!


Eggs For Your Skin?

I’m always very intrigued by skin care, so I love learning about new trends and what to try next to get radiant, smooth skin!  Especially with my wedding just 6 weeks away (!!!!), I am on the hunt for that bride-to-be glow!  I have been hearing a lot about egg products being a skincare wonder, so I wanted to try this out and see what all of the hype was about.

I started researching what eggs can do for your skin, and here is a general list of what I found:

  • Albumin in egg whites can help tighten pores and clear blackheads
  • Egg yolk has hydrating properties
  • Egg whites contain collagen that can help fight wrinkles
  • Due to the skin tightening properties of eggs whites, it can reduce oil production and help those with oily skin

Not a bad list, right!?

I came across two egg products at Ulta, and decided to give them a try and see what results I could get!

First up, the very highly rated and talked about Too Cool For School Egg Cream Mask (Price: $6).  The claims of this mask are that it provides you with hydration and brightening effects.  I also picked up the Egg White Perfect Nose Kit (Price: $4).  I was really drawn to this because of the fact that unlike any blackhead clearing strip I have used before, this came in 3 different steps (and the picture of the egg going from dirty to completely white really got me).


I actually loved the Egg Cream sheet mask!  It made my skin feel SO hydrated and didn’t leave me feeling sticky.  I did think my skin was a little brighter, and any redness I had was soothed.  This was a win for me!  Especially for $6, I would want to pick this up again.  As for the nose kit, I wasn’t overly impressed.  I have used the Biore Nose Strips for years, and I really like them!  The issue I have is that I don’t feel like they ever “fix” my blackhead situation on my nose, they just help a little and I have to continually use them, yet I never see that my nose is completely clear.  This is why I wanted to try a 3 step process, just in case I needed a little extra strength to see more results!  Unfortunately, I couldn’t really tell a difference between these and my Biore strips.  The process is really different though–the first strip is like a sheet mask that sits on your nose, then its a sticky strip that hardens and pulls off, then the third strip is a sheet mask again.  It was a fun process, but also a lot of work to keep track of the time and keep changing steps.  For $4 I would suggest giving it a try, but for me personally I don’t think I will repurchase.

Overall, the egg trend is still really interesting to me!  I will continue to check it out, and maybe even try making my own DIY egg white mask at home!  Let me know what your favorite skin care ingredients are!

Intergalactic Makeup

The most recent makeup trend has been the holographic/galaxy inspired looks, which I think is so fun!  It’s different and unique and I love trying new things.  I received both of these products as gifts over the holidays so that I could achieve this type of look!  I also wanted to have these in my on set kit just in case I would need to create a character that was “out of this world”!


First up is the highly anticipated Fenty Beauty Galaxy Palette.  The first thing about this eyeshadow palette is the insanely cool packaging.  Inside, there are 14 glitter eyeshadows that will add a pop to any eye look.  Some of these are more sheer topcoat colors that just add a little something to existing shadows, and others are more opaque shimmers.  Overall, this palette is so fun to play with!  The colors are really different from anything I owned and they kinda force you to go outside of your usual comfort zone.  They make me want to create an Effie Trinket inspired character look!  I would say the quality of the shadows is also really good.  There is fallout, but I feel like most glitter shadows have this as well.  Definitely use these on your eyes before you put on your foundation, but then you are good to go!


IMG_4774 (1)

IMG_4776 (1)

The next perfect “stellar” makeup product is the Huda Beauty Winter Solstice Lip Strobe Set.  These lip glosses layer perfectly on top of any color or you can wear them by themselves.  They are extremely iridescent and often look like different colors in different lighting environments.  In the packaging, they all look to be a white color, but when you swatch them, they have colorful undertones with duochrome glitters.  These make for the perfect festival look!  They are branded as a “winter” collection, but to me these are great for a party, a costume, or just to add an intriguing little flare to a lip look.

IMG_4780 (1).jpg


Both of these products are limited addition according to the Sephora website.  I think they are fun additions to any collection!  For me, you never know what you might need on a film set or what your next job could be, so I love having options!  It’s also fun to just play around and create new looks!


February Ipsy Bag

Last month I was introduced to Ipsy, and I decided to keep my subscription for now!  I have to say, I think February’s bag was even better!  So far I am loving this!


The bag itself is super cute.  This month is a pale pink with black lace trim, and I can never have enough of these little makeup bags for my kit!


It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer

Price: $10 for this travel size

What’s pretty cool is that just this concealer alone would be the cost of the whole Ipsy bag!  I have heard so many rave reviews about this concealer, I was so happy to receive it in the bag!  I love trying new concealers because I feel like you need different ones for different days.  This one is definitely a full coverage concealer.  It also says that it is anti-aging and waterproof, both big pluses!  Overall I really like this!  It is pretty thick, so it wouldn’t be good if you have dry under eyes, but on a normal day or if you have dark circles I think you would really like this.

IMG_4739 (1).jpg

Naked Cosmetics Lip Scrub

Price: $4.99

I have been sooo dry recently with the change in temperature, so I was happy to get a lip scrub that could help my chapped lips!  This smells really good, it has a vanilla scent.  It’s just like most lip scrubs, it gently buffs away dry, dead skin and then you can apply a lip balm and quench your lips!  I don’t know that I would repurchase this because I have lip scrubs that are similar, but I always enjoy trying new ones!

Z Skin Winter Skin Hydrating Spray

Price: full size is $19

I mentioned that I have been extremely dry recently, so I was very excited to see this in the bag!  Plus, I LOVE face sprays, they are so relaxing and refreshing I can never get enough.  This is probably my favorite item in the bag.  This smells and feels amazing!  I really think this made a difference in my dry skin!  This brand is made with all natural ingredients which I love.  This product hydrates and tones, and it says that it will reduce dark spots over time–which I was very intrigued by!  I have been using this every morning and night and I definitely enjoy having this in my routine.

IMG_4741 (1).jpg Ofra Liquid Lipstick in Unzipped

Price: full size is $20

Ofra cosmetics has amazing liquid lipsticks!  So many YouTubers have collaborated with Ofra to create their favorite shades, and they rave about the quality.  These liquid lipsticks are so comfortable, pigmented, and they last for a long time on the lips!  This shade is really nice, it’s a flattering berry pink.  You can never have too many lip colors in your collection!



IMG_4743 (1).jpg Seraphine Cosmetics Blush

Price: $14

I am pretty much drawn to anything that says “rose gold”.  I think it’s so gorgeous and always looks pretty!  This blush fit that category perfectly!  It is another natural product, with lychee and chamomile extracts in the blush to give more luminosity and hydration.  It says it is a healthy glow blush, and it gives you just that!  It isn’t an extreme amount of color, but I feel like it’s just enough for a natural looking day.


Another month of new products and a successful Ipsy bag!  I am still loving this subscription, and I can’t wait to see what March brings!  Let me know what you received in your February bag!