I wanted to share a lip color that I think is so perfect for a pretty Valentine’s Day look, just in case anyone is still trying to plan their makeup look for tonight!  Or for anyone who just wants to check out a new lipstick!

I was recently at Ulta when I swatched the Dose of Colors liquid lipstick in the shade Los Anjealous and fell in love.  I continued to look at the swatch on my hand as I walked around and then I started swatching the new Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink liquid lipsticks.

Top: Maybelline SuperStay Lip in “Ruler”  Bottom: Dose of Colors lip in “Los Anjealous”

Voila! I couldn’t believe how similar the two swatches on my hand were!

I was so excited that I found a potential dupe for the $18 Dose of Colors liquid lipstick!  The colors are extremely similar, and so is the wear!  The Maybelline Liquid Lipstick STAYS PUT.  You actually need to have a really good makeup remover to completely get the color off of your lips.  Both the Dose of Colors and Maybelline liquid lips are very comfortable and not overly drying.  Overall, if you are looking for a gorgeous new color for $9.49, check out the new Maybelline line!  The shade shown above is “Ruler”.

I wanted to share this dupe, I know we all love saving money and getting beautiful new makeup!  If you are on the hunt for a “muted ruby red”, then look no further!  Let me know what some of your favorite dupes are!



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